Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work Mugs

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Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work Mug

So you’re looking for a funny mug for a lazy work colleague? Well, you’ve landed on the right page, because here I have the perfect gift!

This stylish Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work Mug features a black handle and is also painted black inside. I’ve chosen this particular mug as it is very highly rated by customers on Amazon, and it has been hand-decorated in the UK by a well-known and reputable company called Mug-Tastic.

The message is printed on both sides, which is a bonus, and the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It also comes in a box, so it shouldn’t be in pieces when it arrives on your doorstep!

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This is, by far, the best looking mug I’ve seen displaying this message.

So if you know someone who is always pretending to work while watching cat videos on Youtube, then buy them this funny mug and let them know that their secret is out!

I also recommend checking out the Pretend to Work mugs at Etsy, who have a very nice range of designs.

Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work Mug
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I really like the modern and east-to-read font on this mug which I discovered on Etsy. It’s my favourite design simply because it sticks to one font which just works so well.

Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work Mug

This mug is a nice alternative choice available from Personalise That on amazon. The message is very clear and printed on both sides, and the price won’t break the bank!

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This personalised mug includes the same message but with a very different design. I’m a big fan of orange, and the fact that you can add the recipient’s name a bonus, and will give a more personal touch.

Fluorescent UV Yellow “Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work” Mug
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If you’re after a very unique design then this UV yellow mug with a typewriter font is certainly that! This one can be bought from

Well, I hope you like my choice of Another 8 Hours of Pretending to Work mugs. However, you may prefer this Don’t Say I Never Lift a Finger Mug

Another 8 hours of pretending to work - funny graphic

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