5 Hilarious Mugs for Bald Guys

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If you are searching for a mug for someone who’s folically challenged, then you’ve come to the right place! For this post, I’ve put together my collection of mugs for bald guys, and they’re pretty hilarious!

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Baldi Aldi Parody Mug for Bald People

1. Baldi Mug

Well, this is genius! Some bright spark has taken the Aldi logo and simply added a B. This Baldi Mug is a simple idea but very effective, and the recipient can’t fail to love this one!

2. I’m Not Bald, It’s a Solar Panel for a Sex Machine Mug

Well, this is just too funny, and this mug by Twisted Envy comes in two sizes. Guaranteed to raise a chuckle!

Baldilocks funny mug for bald men

3. Baldilocks Mug

Another clever slogan, and it’s simple and to the point. This is a top quality mug, and the ultra white on black looks classy, but let’s hope the recipient doesn’t get assy!

Funny Rude Bald Cunt Mug

4. Bald C*nt / Wanker Mug

Well, it doesn’t get any ruder than this, and if you know a bald guy who loves to be offended, then this is the mug for them!

Bald Wanker Mug for bald guys

Or you may prefer this Bald Wanker one instead!

BBC Parody Big Bald Cunt rude mug

This BBC logo parody Big Bald Cunt mug is very clever and available at badtastecards.co.uk. The black handle and inside are a nice finishing touch.

Who Needs Hair With A Body Like This Mug for Bald Guys

5. Who Needs Hair with a Body Like This Mug

This is an all time classic, and it’s particularly funny if your hairless, pot-bellied friend has a body NOT to die for.

I hope you have enjoyed my post featuring the funniest mugs for bald guys, and you have found it helpful. Thanks for visiting this page!

With a Body Like This, Who Needs Hair Mug

This With a Body Like Mine, Who Needs Hair! mug is just £5 at Perfectsigns.co.uk, and I really like the modern, handwriting style print with smiley face.

Check out this Mr Bald Bastard Mug


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