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If you know someone who could give Victor Meldrew a good run for his money, then why not cheer them up by buying them a Mr Grumpy mug?

There are several available, and I want to start with this personalised mug which you can add the recipient’s name to. I’ve chosen this one as its the best value in terms of price and positive customer feedback.

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This is the official Mr. Grumpy tapered mug. While it’s expensive compared to unofficial mugs, it’s top quality stoneware and features the Roger Hargreaves signature.

It also features a spotty print inside, and the other side of the mug includes the message “I had fun once. It was awful”, which is a nice touch.

This is a great choice if you really want to show your appreciation for the recipient’s unrivalled grumpiness!

Official Mr Grumpy Mug, green with Roger Hargreaves signature.
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I found this large porcelain mug with a green handle and matching inside at the Mr Men Little Miss Shop. It’s a tad expensive, but you can personalise it.

Personalised Mr Grumpy Mug

This mug by SMB Novelties on Amazon can be personalised with the receiver’s name. It’ a pretty popular choice, although, as you can probably tell by the look of Mr Grumpy, this is obviously an unofficial mug. Nonetheless, it’s ideal if you want to add a more personal touch.

Why not add one of these coasters as an extra gift?

I hope that you have found my post about Mr Grumpy Mugs useful.

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