Toilet Shaped Coffee Mugs

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Shit Happens Toilet Shaped Coffee Mug

So you like toilet humour, huh? Well, this Shit Happens toilet shaped coffee mug is the perfect choice for you, my friend.

Far from being a bog standard mug, this one is unique and vulgar. If you’re feeling flush, then you have nothing to loos by purchasing this mug for someone who appreciates the finer things in life! It’s easier to clean than the real thing, too.

If this one doesn’t float your boat (or should I say turd!), then how about this original toilet mug by BigMouth Inc.?

This one is hand painted (a sign of pure quality!) and would be the ideal gift for a work colleague, or anyone who is envious of their dog and would like the opportunity to drink from the toilet bowl, too.

Toilet Coffee Mug by BigMouth Inc.

If you really want to splash out, then this high quality, golden throne toilet mug may be more appealing to you.

Now this is one golden toilet that is affordable to everyone.

Poo Emoticon Mug

You may like this cute poo emoticon (poop emoji) mug, too! It’s quite literally a shit gift!

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