Rude Ginger Cunt Mugs

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So you need a rude mug for a ginger who doesn’t mind being called the worst expletive ever. Or maybe you assume they have ginger pubes? For whatever reason, these hand-picked (and downright rude!) Ginger Cunt mugs are the perfect choice of gift.

This first mug (which has been hand decorated in the UK) is very popular and highly rated by customers of mug-tastic on Amazon. It features ginger coloured text, and the handle and inside is the same colour.

I really like the bold lettering on this 11oz ceramic mug, which cleverly uses the handle to form the letter C. The colouring of the rim adds a nice finishing touch.

Yo’ll find several unique ginger cunt mugs and gifts at – yes, there really is a website that specialises in cunt gifts!

Ginger Cunt Mug - rude gift for ginger haired person.
Image credit: ClassicCreationsUK / Etsy

I found this ceramic mug at Etsy which features a unique, modern design, and is receiving very positive feedback from customers.

Rude Ginger Cunt Mug with male genitals
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Okay, so this is just about as rude as you can get, and it’s hilarious! Adding male genitals is certainly going to get everyone’s attention, and I found this one at

Mr Bald Bastard Mug

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