Lickalottapus Mugs for Lesbians

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If you need a mug that’s both vulgar and subtle at the same time, then you’ve found it! This funny and rude dinosaur themed Lickalottapus mug is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys getting down to it, and is particularly ideal for a lesbian partner, friend or work colleague.

The mug has a high gloss finish and features a vivid print. It’s also dishwasher safe.

You may prefer this very cute baby dinosaur design with pink hearts. The mug comes in two sizes and is available on Etsy.

Or how about this baby pink dino design? Cute, huh?

Lickalottapus Rude Dinosaur Mug
Image credit: SDCReationsProfanity / Etsy
Lickalottapus Mug with Dinosaur

This design is very similar to the previous mug but has the dino wearing shades which adds a touch of coolness. It’s available at

LGBT Rainbow Lickalottapus Mug

Now, I adore this one and this eye-catching design features the LGBT rainbow and can be personalised with the recipient’s name.

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