Top 5 Toilet Paper Crisis 2020 Mugs

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Yes, somehow we all made it through the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis without running out of loo paper. It mattered not whether we had enough food in the cupboards, what was more important was the fact that we could still wipe our arses!

So for this post, I bring you my favourite Top 5 Covid-19 Toilet Paper Crisis 2020 mugs. Buy one for someone to show the that you really appreciate their struggle with racing to the supermarket (before the sun had chance to rise) to load their trolley with multiple 48 packs of loo paper.

1. I survived the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 Mug

The first mug on the page is available at Etsy, or you may prefer this next one which has the additional message “I deserve a drink”.

I Survived the Great 2020 Toilet Paper Crisis Mug

2. Toilet Paper Crisis Survivor Mug

Toilet Paper Crisis Survivor Mug by FinestShirts on Cafepress
Image copyright: FinestShirts / Cafepress

I discovered this funny Toilet Paper Crisis Survivor Mug being sold by FunnyShirts on Cafepress. It has a nice clean design and as I write, it is on offer at £5, but this may have ended by the time you’re reading this, so get in quick!

3. I Survived Covid-19 Mug

I Survived Covid-19 Mug

You may also like this to the point I Survived Covid-19 mug which I found on Amazon. I particularly like its black and white design, which has been hand decorated here in the UK.

4. I Can’t Spare a Square Mug

I Can't Spare A Square Mug

Indeed, every sheet of toilet paper was very precious during coronavirus, and deciding whether to have that extra square for an extra luxury arse wipe was a major decision!

5. Straight Outta Toilet Paper Mug

Straight Outta mugs have been gaining popularity in recent years, and this one is bang on trend! It’s very popular on Etsy and highly rated by customers. It also comes in two sizes.

I hope you have found my top 5 toilet paper crisis 2020 mugs post useful. You may also like these toilet shaped coffee mugs.

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