My Husband is Hotter than my Coffee Mug

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My Husband is Hotter than my Coffee Mug
Image credit: TheCozyGal / Etsy

So you have a husband who would really appreciate being told that he is hot? Okay, so maybe he is going bald or bursting out of his shirt, but you still think he’s hot! Or perhaps he really does have a six pack to die for?

All that matters is that you think he is hot, and so I have the perfect gift for him. I found this amusing My Husband is Hotter than my Coffee mug being sold by Cozygal on Etsy, and it comes in a full range of colours.

What husband would not be happy to receive this mug? It’s the perfect gift for him!

Alternatively, maybe you are the husband that would like to give your wife a very amusing gift? Let her know you are hot with this mug!

My Husband is Hotter than my Coffee Mug with pink lettering
Image credit: LuvsDesigns / Etsy

For fans of pink then this stylish mug may be to your liking. It’s available at Etsy UK, and the pink handwriting font is a nice touch. There are two size choices; 11oz and 15oz.

You may also like these alternative design which I found on Amazon UK and are excellent value. Both are made from pure white ceramic and are dishwasher and microwave safe. The red heart is a nice extra touch, too.

This mug has real style and the black background adds sophistication. This is the most expensive mug on the page, but it looks great and you can get it on

This design is very modern and has the same text font as the first mug on the page, with an additional green, marker pen style background – very trendy!

MY Husband is Hotter Than My Coffee Mug Gift

This mug jas a distinctive font which uses love hearts as the letter “O”. It’s available from Amazon, and is excellent value.

I hope you have found my choice of My Husband is Hotter Than My Coffee mugs useful.

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