World’s Best Farter, I Mean Father Mugs

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World's Best Farter, I Mean Father Mug
Image credit: Wayaye at Etsy

So you need a funny gift for your farting farther? Well, I have just the thing for you! No, it’s not a gas reduction pill. These World’s Best Farter, I Mean Father mugs are perfect for showing your appreciation for him, whilst being amusing at the same time.

I’ve chosen the first ceramic mug for it’s bold, eye-catching print, and it’s available on etsy UK. It’s the perfect choice for a Father’s Day gift, or as a birthday gift.

I’ve also picked out this mug for you from Amazon UK. It has a stylish design with a matching red handle and rim. For the price, you receive a top quality Durham mug which is printed in South Yorkshire, so none of your cheap imported rubbish!

World's Best Farter I Mean Father Mug


I like the font and text colour of this mug which is available from Coralgraph Inc. on Amazon. The writing is nicely spaced, too. The company is based in Essex and use the finest inks, so it’s definitely not a cheap import!

World's Best Farter / Father Mug with wind graphic
Image copyright ThePinkDonkey on Etsy

If you would like your mug to be a little more graphic, then you will like this one being sold on Etsy, Two sizes are available and the seller is receiving very positive feedback from customers.

Vintage enamel Word's Best Farter, I Mean Father Mug
Image copyright Got-the-Gift

I adore this vintage style enamel mug with silver rim, which I discovered on Being enamel, it’s ideal for camping and fishing trips.

World's Best Farter (Father) Mug for Dad

This World’s Best Farter mug is handmade by The Inky Penguin in South Lanarkshire, and it comes in eco-friendly packaging and also with a matching coaster, so you can give your Dad two gifts celebrating his best skill!

Funny World's Best Farter Mug
Image copyright: Endless Prints UK

This unique design has a funky homemade look and features a No.1 ribbon and a gloss print. It’s available for just £5.99 (subject to change) from Endless Prints, and is ideal if you’re after something unique and low cost.

This World’s Greatest Farter mug is proving to be a popular choice on Amazon, and uses the word “greatest” instead of “best”. They more or less mean the same thing, of course, but it’s personal choice, I guess.

You will find a huge choice of World’s Greatest Farter Mugs on Etsy which are well worth checking out.

Cafepress World's Greatest Farter Mug with yellow star
Image copyright: MightyAwesomeDesign / Cafepress

The golden star on this 11oz ceramic coffee mug really caught my eye, which makes this design really stand out from the rest. It can be bought from Cafepress.

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