Tea-Rex Mugs

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Green and white Tea-Rex mug

Quite often, the funniest mugs use a simple play on words, and these Tea-Rex mugs are no exception. Any dinosaur fan will be only too pleased to receive one of these mugs, although the joke will be understood by just about anyone who you want to send a funny gift to.

The green and white Tea-Rex mug featured at the top of the page is my top choice, and looks stylish with the green inside the mug with a matching handle.

The mug is being sold by Smarty Pants on Amazon.

Funny Tea Rex Coffee Mug

Featuring a smiling T-Rex, this mug is great value and comes in a gift box. The design is printed on both sides, and the mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Image copyright: Iwantoneofthose.com

If you know someone who likes a cute dinosaur, then they may like this mug available at I Want One Of Those.

Cute Tea Rex Mug
Image credit: MidCenturyFunShop on Etsy

Staying with the cute theme, this mug which is available on Etsy features a pink and green female Tea-rex with a hair bow.

Enamel monocled Tea Rex Mug, White

Enamel mugs are a great choice for anyone who travels or loves camping/fishing/hiking etc. Who doesn’t love a posh dinosaur, and this monocled T-rex is very amusing, too!

Pink Loveheart Tea Rex Mug
Image credit: GlitterPunkJewellery / Etsy

Show someone some love with this pink loveheart Tea Rex mug. This attractive ceramic bug can be bought from Etsy.

My next choice is ideal for movie fans and features the logo from the classic 90s dinosaur flick Jurassic Park. Once again, the price is very reasonable for a mug that is grade A ceramic and also gift boxed.

The travel mug also has a Jurassic Park theme and the stainless steel really enhances the look. It includes the amusing message “A cuppa 65 million years in the making”.

Tea Rex Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus Mug
Image copyright: Rex London

This unique tyrannosaurus and stegosaurus mug is available for just £3.95 (as I write) from Rex London, and I haven’t seen this particular design anywhere else, you if you want something original, then this is the mug for you!

I hope you like my selection of the best Tea-Rex mugs. Also check out my choice of the best Dadasaurus mugs


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