Top 5 Hilarious Mugs for Gin Lovers

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So you need a funny gin mug for someone who drinks the stuff by the gallon? We all know that certain person who would crawl over broken glass (preferably from used gin bottles) to get their hands on the botanical nectar!

Anyway, you’ve certainly landed in the right place! So read on to discover my top 5 hilarious mugs for gin lovers, which are guaranteed to raise a smile on the recipient’s face, even though they may already be smiling due to having already consumed several litres of the botanical nectar!

Gym? I Thought You Said Gin - Funny Mug


1. Gym? I thought you said gin! Mug

Ah yes, forget the gym, it’s gin I need! This is the perfect funny gin mug for anyone who only has one thing on their mind, and it’s certainly not getting sweaty and working out.

This top quality mug by Mug-Tastic is hand finished in the UK, and the message is printed on both sides for left and right-handed gin drinkers.

Let the Evening Be Gin mug
Image credit: LapiBoutique on Etsy

2. Let the Evening Be Gin Mug

Well, this is a funny play on words, and this mug is hand-made (not your usual mass-produced rubbish!) and available on Etsy UK. It’s the perfect choice for those who like a 6 o’clock start – in the evening that is!

3. I’m a Gindependent Woman Mug

Here we have another very funny play on words. This design is exclusive to Gift Base, and it’s also available on a vintage style enamel mug and a latte cup mug, too.

This Person is a Gin Whore Mug


4. This Person is a Gin Whore Mug

So you know a gin whore, huh? You know the one, a certain lady who would do just about anything to get their hands on a bottle of the good stuff! The mug is available from the Brainbox Candy store on Amazon, and is shipped in a super strong box to avoid breakages – it’s the perfect gift for you know who!

0% Tea 100% Gin Mug
Image copyright

5. 0% Tea, 100% Gin Mug

Available from Paper Plane Designs, this is the perfect choice for that certain person who you know is (or would like to be) secretly swigging gin at every given opportunity!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my choice of the top 5 hilarious mugs for gin lovers, and I’ll leave you with a couple more that caught my eye.

I'd Rather Be Sipping Gin Mug


6. I’d Rather Be Sipping Gin Mug

I know, this is supposed to be a top 5, but I just had to slip this one in! I really like the styling of this mug which comes with its own “Gin O’Clock” tag. I particularly like the choice of fonts, and the matching black rim and handle.

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