Top 5 Funny Donkey Mugs

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If you’re looking for a funny donkey mug for someone who owns a donkey (or is simply mad about them), then you’ve certainly landed on the right page! For this post, I bring you my choice of the Top 5 funniest mugs that are guaranteed to make the recipient smile.

1. Beware Crazy Donkey Lady Mug

If you know a particular donkey-loving person who is borderline crazy, then this is the gift for them! This mug features a cute cartoon donkey, and the design is printed on both sides for left and right-handed cofee/tea drinkers.

Crazy Donkey Lady mug with pink lettering.

This alternative mug with pink lettering may be more your mug of tea.

2. Leave Me Alone I’m Only Speaking to my Donkey Today Mug

Well, this caption is hilarious and guaranteed to make a certain donkey person smile. Although it’s a pretty basic mug, the supplier (Hippowarehouse) uses a high quality printing method, and I can tell you from experience that their mugs always have a very nice finish.

3. Jack Ass Mug

If you know a jackass, or maybe someone called Jack who loves his ass, then this mug is the perfect choice for them! It’s available on

4. 3D Donkey Handle Mug

This unique ceramic mug features a laid back 3D donkey as the handle, which is a great idea. It also includes a lid for keeping your favourite beverage warm. Featuring a sturdy and durable build with a smooth finish, this would make for a very unique and cute gift for a donkey lover.

Ass Hole Mug
Image credit: MugsbyMel on Etsy

5. Ass Hole Mug

So you know someone who is total arsehole but want to let them know in the politest way possible. Well, this is the mug for them! It’s a nice play on words, and featuring a picture of an ass and the word “hole”, it actually doesn’t say anything rude at all – genius!

Available at Etsy UK, this mug is ideal for just about anyone who has a wicked sense of humour, and loves to be offended. It would make for a great secret santa gift, too.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading my choice of the top 5 funny donkey mugs. You may also like these For Fox Sake mugs

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