Hilarious I Got a Dig Bick Mugs

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Now this is hilarious! This I Got A Dig Bick mug requires careful reading, and as with the FCUK brand, uses a clever spelling mistake to fool the reader into reading something that isn’t there!

Actuallu, you get two clever mistakes for the price of one! “I Got a Dig Bick, You That Read Wrong”, followed by “You Read That Wrong Too”. Brilliant and very funny.

This mug would make a great gift for just about any male who probably thinks they have a big todger, which is just about all of them!

This mug is also available with a red inside (see below)


I really like this black, personalised I Got a Dig Bick mug, and the contrasting white message is really eye-catching. Plus, the fact that black always looks kind of classy, in my eyes, at least!

Best of all, though, you can add a message to the other side of this mug, which is a bonus.

I also recommend checking out the dig bick mugs at Cafepress, as I found around 10 different designs here.

If you prefer a bold and colouful message, then this mug certainly features one. This one is available from Muggz on Amazon (who obviously specialise in mugs!) and you can add any name, too.

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