I Don’t Have a Problem with Caffeine Mug

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I Don't Have a Problem With Caffeine Mug - I Have a Problem Without It!

Do you know a caffeine addict? This I don’t have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without it mug will certainly ring true for a lot of grumpy morning people, which includes myself! It’s true to say that without my morning caffeine fix, I make Victor Meldrew look like Mr. Happy!

My next mug choice is also available from Amazon, and features exactly the same message but with an amusing drip feed graphic. It’s actually the most popular choice with customers, it’s a decent price and the feedback is great, too.

This design is available from Zazzle.co.uk and although it’s a tad expensive, it does feature a more elegant, coffee-coloured text design and cleverly uses a coffee bean as an “o”.

I Don't Have a Problem With Caffeine Mug
Image credit: MeMyselfandIDesign on Etsy

I like the minimalist but clear caption on this mug which I discovered on Etsy UK, and the two parts of the message are printed on either side of the mug.

Black and white I Don't Have A Problem With Caffeine I Have A Problem Without It Mug with Scrolls.

If you prefer a more vintage style design then this mug will be more to your liking. Featuring elegant scrolls and contrasting black and white colours, this mug will be very well received.

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