Top 5 Funny Mr Stoned Mugs

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If you’re looking for the perfect mug gift to give to a stoner then you’ve landed in the right place. These are my top 5 mug choices for anyone who likes to smoke a bit of the ganja.

Mr Stoned Mug - gift for cannabis user

My first choice is this Mr. Stoned (Mr. Men parody) mug which is the most popular choice on Featuring an amusing Jamaican rastafarian stoner character (which is printed on both sides), this top quality mug is my top choice for a weed user.

Personalised Mr Stoned Mug - add any name.
Image credit: DraigClothingandGift on Etsy

The same design is available as a personalised mug on Etsy, which will allow you to add the recipient’s name, giving a more personal touch.

Mr Stoned Mug with cannabis leaf character

You may prefer this alternative Mr Stoned mug which features a hilarious cannabis leaf character who is thoroughly enjoying a spliff. Very funny and this one is guaranteed to raise a smile!

Mr Weed Mug

Mr. Weed was definitely not in any Roger Hargreaves Mr Men books I read as a kid, but you will be supporting an independent artist who created this original modern day character.

Little Miss Stoned Mug
Image credit: KeepCalmMugs on Etsy

This Little Miss Stoned mug is a nice alternative for a female stoner, and this one is available on Etsy. It also opts for the Jamaican theme with a cartoon rastafarian in a rastacap (or tam) and the rasta flag colours.

Roll That Shit Mug for Weed User

I couldn’t end the post without showing you this Roll That Shit mug, which is a funny alternative choice, and this one comes in 5 colours.

I hope you have found my top 5 funny Mr Stoned mugs article useful, and you may also be interested in this Mr Fag Ash Mug

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