Top 10 Grumpy Old Git Mugs

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We all know a grumpisaurus, and if you’re looking for a funny gift to give to them, then my choice of the Top 10 Grumpy Old Git mugs should inspire you, and maybe even put a smile on the face of the recipient, if only for a brief period!

Official Member of the Grumpy Old Git Club Mug

1. Official Member of the Grumpy Old Git Club Mug

My first choice will enable you to welcome the recipient to the Grumpy Old Git Club! This coffee mug is the ideal birthday gift for anyone who has reached a certain age (I officially joined when I reached just 50!), or for just about anyone who you believe has turned into Victor Meldrew.

2. Warning! Grumpy Old Git, Approach with Caution Mug

Yes, you’re grumpy friend certainly needs something to warn others of their grumpiness, and this mug is the perfect choice! A very funny gift choice, and the yellow warning message is printed on both sides for left and right-handed drinkers.

Long Suffering Wife of a Grumpy Old Git Mug


3. Long Suffering Wife of a Grumpy Old Git Mug

Well, this one needs no explanation! If you want to cheer up your wife (let’s face it, she needs cheering up after putting up with you for so long!), then let her know you care with this amusing mug!

Personalised Grumpy Old Git Questions Mug
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4. Personalised Grumpy Old Git Mug

Add any name to this hilarious mug which ticks all the right boxes – unfriendly, bad-tempered, gloomy, grouchy and all of the above! This one is available at

Officially A Grumpy Old Man Mug


5. Officially a Grumpy Old Man Mug

Let them know it’s official! They’ve reached that milestone in their life and you want them to know about it. This one can be personalised and is also available for a 50th, 60th or 70th birthday.

Image credit: BibsBobsNoveltyGifts / Etsy

6. I’m Not Always Grumpy, Sometimes I’m Asleep Mug

Well, this is very funny and very true, and if the only time you get a break from the moaning and groaning is when it’s nap time, then this is defintely the mug you should choose!

I'm A Grumpy Cow Before Coffee Mug


7. I’m a Grumpy Cow Before Coffee Mug

This latte mug will, hopefully, put a smile on the face of the grumpiest cow you know, if only for a brief period! It’s ideal for a wife or daughter who really needs a caffiene fix before being ready to take on the world, or maybe a work colleague would appreciate this mug?

Grumpy Disney Snow White Mug


8. What’s Your Mood? Grumpy Mug

I really like this design which features Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. On the other side of the mug it asks the question “What’s your mood?” and pictures the other six dwarfs. A great choice for a grumpy disney fan!

Grumpisaurus Mug - Like a normal grumpy but more awesome.
Image credit: TheWallStickerComp on Etsy

9. Grumpisaurus Mug

Maybe you would like to celebrate the recipient’s grumpiness by letting them know how awesome they are? Let them know with this cute cartoon dinosaur mug which can be bought from Etsy UK.

Offensive Rude Grumpy Cunt Mug
Image credit: GiftGag / Etsy

10. Grumpy Cunt Mug

Well, this is definitely to the point, and if you know someone who would love to be deeply offended, then this is the mug for them!

I hope you have enjoyed my Top 10 Grumpy Old Git Mugs. You may also like this Mr Grumpy mug.

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