Best Dadasaurus Mugs

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Dadasaurus Jurassic Park Logo Mug

Welcome to my choice of the best Dadasaurus mugs, which are ideal for a birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas.

My top choice is this stylish Dadasaurus Jurassic Park logo mug which is available from It just looks so awesome and I can’t imagine any Dad not being delighted to receive this one.

This next mug also features the Jurassic Park logo but with the additional message “Don’t mess with Dadasaurus, you’ll get Jurasskicked”. Very funny and very clever, this one is guarnteed to raise a smile!

Cute Dadasaurus Mug

This cute Dadasaurus mug is a very different style, and it features the amusing message “like a normal Dad, but more roar-some!”. This one is available on

Daddysaurus Mug

This Daddysaurus mug is perfect for a younger child to give to Daddy, and I adore the additional message “Like a normal Daddy, but more awesome” which is a nice additional touch.

Dadasaurus Cartoon Dinosaur Mug for Father's Day

Staying with the cute theme, you may prefer this mug which features another funny cartoon-like dino character. This is a vivid and colourful design which certainly catches the eye.

Dadasaurus Mug with Stegosaurus

My next choice features a Stegosaurus, which is one of the most popular and well-know herbivore dinosaurs. The mug is available from Dave’s Disco on

Dadasaurus T-Rex Mug

This T-Rex mug may be a more ideal choice for you, particularly if your Dad’s has a similar grumpy nature! Tyrannosaurus rex is, of course, the best-loved and most popular carnivore, and he’s certainly a firm favourite in our household.

One of the biggest choices of Dadasaurus mugs can be found at Teepublic, and you’ll find many unique designs here which are exclusive to the site.

Dadasaurus Like A Normal Dad But More Awesome Mug
Image copyright: ArtJobsUA / Etsy

If Dad’s six pack has been replaced by one ginormous pack, then this is the mug for him! It features a cartoon dino holding onto his oversized belly, possibly after having just consumed an entire Diplodocus!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my selection of the best Dadasaurus mugs. I also recommened viewing these awesome Tea Rex mugs

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