Top 5 Space Hopper Mugs

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Orange Space Hopper Mug 1970s

Welcome to my pick of the Top 5 Space Hopper mugs. For those of you not old enough to remember it, the Space Hopper was an iconic, orange rubber bouncing/exercise toy which was hugely popular back in the 1970s.

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1. Orange Space Hopper Mug

This very cool, orange Space Hopper mug would be the ideal gift for anyone who was a child of the 1970s, and would be perfect as a fun 50th birthday gift. It’s also ideal for just about anyone who loves a bit of retro, and would like to celebrate an iconic part of the 70s.

The first Space Hoppers were launched in the UK in 1969, and it quickly became a huge craze through the 1970s. In America, the toy was known as the Hoppity Hop.

2. Black and White Space Hopper Mug

This very cool, minimalist black and white mug featuring that iconic face is a nice alternative choice, and has a very modern feel.

3. Black Space Hopper Mug

Black Space Hopper Mug by Teepublic

This inverted white on black mug is available from Teepublic (yep, they don’t just sell T-shirts!) and looks awesome, don’t you think?

4. Multiple Space Hoppers Mug

I found this interesting design featuring multiple Space Hoppers on It’s a tad expensive, but a nice choice if you’re looking for something unique and quirky.

5. Multi-Coloured Space Hopper Mug

Now, I really like this design which features some eye-catching colours. This one is available exclusively from Zazzle, so you will be receiving a very unique mug.

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