Mr Sexy (And I Know It) Mug

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Mr Sexy (And I Know It) Mug - joke gift
Image credit: DraigClothingand Gift / Etsy

Well, this character certainly wasnt in any of the Roger Hargreaves Mr. Men books I read as a child! This Mr Sexy (And I Know It) mug is a very funny joke gift choice for someone you know who would appreciate the compliment! Maybe it’s a very unsexy work colleague, or your hot boyfriend or hubby, who really is sexy (and they know it!).

The mug is available from Etsy, and it can be personalised with any name. The message is printed on both sides for left and right-handed people.

Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, or maybe as a secret Santa gift, this mug is guaranteed to get a laugh, not only from the recipient, but also from everyone who is around to view the unopening of this hilarious present.

I'm Sexy and I Know It Pug Mug
Image credit: Cardfactory

I also discovered this funny I’m Sexy and I Know It pug mug being sold at It is just £3.99 as I write, but this price is, of course, subject to change at any time.

I can also recommend viewing the Mr Sexy (and I Know It) mugs on ebay for the best prices.

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