Mr Muscle Mugs

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Mr Muscle Mug

“Sun’s out, guns out”, so the saying goes, and if you know a certain someone who is always flexing their muscles, then a Mr Muscle mug (inspired by The Mr. Men) could be the ideal gift for them!

The characters featured here are not official Mr. Men characters created by Roger Hargreaves, but they certainly look official, and this would be a fun gift idea for any gym addict.

This first mug can be bought from Amazon, but a similar Mr Muscle mug which can also be personalised is avilable from Etsy.

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This mug by Mugtime features a very different looking, square weight-lifting character. It would be perfect for anyone who regularly visits the gym or lifts weights.

Mr. Muscles Mug with funny Beefcake signature.

I really like the design of this Mr. Muscles mug, which also features an amusing “Beefcake” signature in the style of Roger Hargreaves. There is a similar Mr Muscle mug available from Perfect Signs which you may want to check out.

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