Crazy Unicorn Lady Mugs

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Beware Crazy Unicorn Lady Mug

For this post, I bring you my choice of the best crazy unicorn lady mugs. We all know one, which is probably why you’ve landed here! This first mug is my top choice in terms of price and design. But I have plenty more to show you, so read on…

This white enamel Crazy Unicorn Girl mug with a stylish silver rim is a nice alternative choice. Enamel mugs are especially ideal for those who love camping/hiking as they are very durable and don’t chip or break into pieces when dropped on a hard surface.

You can add a more personal touch by adding the recipient’s name to the following mugs, and I love the designs, too!

Personalised Crazy Unicorn Lady Mug
Me Crazy Unicorn Lady Mug

Now, I love a funny quote, and this crazy unicorn lady mug is hilarious! “Me? Crazy? I Should Get Down Off My Unicorn and Slap You.”. Too funny, and this mug would make an awesome gift for that certain someone you know who is as mad as a hatter.

A similar Me? Crazy? unicorn mug but with pink lettering is available at An option to fill it with M&M’s or jelly beans is available, and you can also add a matching coaster if you wish. It also features a unicorn image on the opposite side.

Me? Crazy? I Should Get Off This Unicorn And Slap You Mug
Image credit: MugQueenCrafts / Etsy

I found this design on Etsy which features an actual image of a crazy unicorn lady. This ceramic mug is available in two sizes.

A similar mug with a black background and white unicorn can be bought at Teepublic.

Me Crazy Funny Quote Mug for Unicorn Lady
Image credit:

If you prefer your mugs to be more colourful, then this blue and pink mug may be more your mug of tea. This one is available from and is just £8.25 as I write, but this is subject to change, of course. You can also choose whether to ad a presentation box so it looks more gift like.

Well, I hope you like my choice of crazy unicorn lady mugs. You may also like this Bitch Please I Ride A Unicorn Mug.

A nice selection of Unicorn Mugs and other gifts can be found at

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