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C unt Mug, black and white

Here we have the perfect mug for someone who is a complete unt! The clever thing about this UNT mug is that it can be obscenly rude, or not make any sense at all, depending on whether you choose to view the mug at the correct angle and view the handle which forms the letter C.

Although there are many suppliers selling this style of mug, I’ve chosen this supplier on Amazon for the fact that it is made in England, which means you get fast despatch. There is nothing worse than ordering a mug, only to find it’s made in the other side of the World and you have to wait weeks for it to arrive!

Another supplier I recommend is Mug-tastic, who are also based in England. I have bought several mugs from this supplier and have always been completely satisified with them. The UNT mug above has a crisp, white finish and is stamped with the Mug-tastic logo on the bottom. I also like the fact that the inside is painted black to match the handle.

Colour Changing C Unt Mug


Colour Changing Unt Mug

This Unt mug changes colour and reveals a hidden message when you add hot liquid, and is available from the 123T store on Amazon. It also comes in a gift box.

If you know someone who loves to receive funny and offensive gifts, then this mug is guaranteed to get a laugh out loud reaction!

Image credit: BibsBobsNoveltyGifts / Etsy

Red and White Unt Mug

If you like your mugs to have a little more colour, then this red and white mug which I discovered on Etsy may be more your mug of tea!

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