Little Miss Selfie Mug

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Little Miss Selfie Mug

So you need a gift for a selfie-obsessed friend or family member? Well, this officially licensed Little Miss Selfie mug would certainly be a nice choice, and features the Roger Hargreaves signature.

You may (Or may not!) remember the original Little Miss books from the 1980s and 90s, which were released to accompany the Mr. Men series. Of course, Little Miss Selfie wasn’t a thing back then, and for instant images people had to make do with Polaroids.

Today it’s a very different world, and if you know someone who can’t stop snapping themselves, then this funny mug will certainly have the recipient laughing.

The Little Miss Selfie mug can be bought from Truffleshuffle on Amazon, and the design is exclusive to them. Alternatively, you can buy directly from the Truffleshuffle website.

Official Little Miss Selfie Mug

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