Pumpkin Shaped Cup for Halloween

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Orange Pumpkin Haped Cup with Lid for Halloween

Every now and then, someone designs an eye-catching mug that is highly desirable and hard to resist buying! This delightful pumpkin-shaped ceramic cup is certainly irrestible, and what better way to spend an evening than curled up by the fire drinking hot soup while it warms your hands. It also comes with a lid to keep your favourite beverage piping hot.

Of course, the cup also doubles as an attractive halloween or autumnal decoration when not in use, and would make a great talking point with any guests you invite over.

Please note that this item is cup-sized (around 10 x 12cm) and not a large bowl, but its dinky size looks very cute and the lightweight design makes it ideal for drinking tea and coffee, too. Check out the images below (select “see large image” to scroll through them) to get an idea of its size…

There are a number of suppliers selling the pumpkin cup, and you can compare the latest prices below, ensuring you get the very best deal and save many £’s during the economic downturn.

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