Funny and Rude Secret Santa Mug Gifts

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If you want your secret Santa gift to funny, rude and quirky, and one that will gain plenty of laughs, then this will most definitely be your mug of tea!

Featuring the message “I had to do secret santa and all I got was this shitty mug”, the recipient is almost guaranteed to laugh out loud when they open their gift – unless, of course, they happen to be Mr. Grumpy!

I had to do Secret Santa and all I got was this shitty mug gift

The mug is available from TeHe gifts on Amazon, and comes well-packed in a distinctive bright yellow box. The message is printed on both sides, too, so overall this is a decent quality mug.

This cheaper, alternative mug has the same message, but with different fonts. It’s especially ideal if you’re a tight-fisted git who doesn’t want to spend too much on your secret Santa gift.

I took part in Secret Santa and I got this crap mug! Funny gift.
Image credit: GigtGag / Etsy

I found this mug on Etsy which has a slightly different message; “I took part in Secret Santa and I got this crap mug”. I’ve picked out this supplier as they are receiving hundreds of 5 star reviews, and the price is pretty decent, too.

Your Secret Santa thinks you're a cunt mug

Okay, so you’ll need to be careful who you send this next mug to, but if you know someone who thinks it would be hilarious to be thought of as a c*nt, then they’re definitely going to love this one!

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