Top 5 Cuntasaurus Rex Mugs

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If you’re looking for a gift for someone who appreciates a rude joke, and let’s face it, this one is very rude indeed, then one of these Cuntasaurus Rex mugs should go down a storm.

I'm not a paleontologist but I know a cuntasaurus when I see one mug
Image credit: CoolCatDesignsStore / Etsy

My first choice has the longer message “I’m not a paleontologist, but I know a cuntasaurus when I see one”. It’s my favourite of all the mugs on this page, and can be bought from Etsy.

However, if you prefer your message to be shorter and to the point, then you’ll like this next one…

Cuntasaurus Rex Mug with orange dinosaur


It’s available from TeHe gifts on Amazon, who specialise in funny mugs, and it comes in their very distinctive yellow box.

By the way, the graphic is printed on both sides, so it matters not whether the recipient is left or right handed.

Cuntasaurus Rex Rude Mug


This alternative design is also by Te-He gifts, and features a very different, slightly more realistic looking dinosaur.

Personalise Don't Be A Cuntasaurus Mug


Available from CustomeFunky on Amazon, this Don’t Be A Cuntasaurus mug can be personalised with the recipient’s name, and the green dino is cute, too.

Black Don't Be A Cuntasaurus Mug with pink and yellow dinosaur
Image credit: Bingeprints / Etsy

This is the most unique of all the cuntasaurus mugs, and the pink and yellow dinosaur and text are really eye-catching, particularly against the black background.

I hope you like my selection. You may also like these cunt mugs

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