Personalised Prescription Coffee Mug

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Personalised Prescription Coffee Mug


Although there are a number of these amusing prescription coffee mugs available online, this particular one is most definitely my favourite, as it looks very much like a UK prescription you get from the local chemist. You can also personalise the patient name, too, which is a nice touch.

The prescriber is Dr. B. Everage (very clever) and the wording states “To be taken in case of drowsiness and/or procrastination, or until mood is improved”. Yep, that definitely applies to me in the morning!

This mug would make an ideal gift for anyone who is addicted to coffee, and even more so for someone who works in medicine, of course, such as a nurse, pharmacist or Doctor.

An alternative choice is this coffee mug in the shape of a pill pot. It’s available from the Gift Republic store on Amazon.

Coffee Pill Pot Mug in Pharmacy Prescription Gift Box

It comes in its own pharmacy prescription gift box, and the recipient will have to look twice to actually realise it’s a mug, not a pot of pills! Unquestionably, this mug looks very authentic and it’s very popular and highly rated by customers.

You can also buy the same designs for tea lovers, too…

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