You’re The Man, Dad. Funny Birthday Mug

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If you’re Dad loves a chuckle on his birthday, then this mug will certainly tickle his funny bones! At first glance, this “You’re the man, Dad” mug appears to give high praise from his loving son or daughter.

You're The Man, Dad, The Old Man But Still The Man Mug for Birthday

However, whenever a child shows some love to their parents there is always a catch, isn’t there? Indeed, further reading of the message reveals “The old man, but still the man”. Well, it made me laugh, at least, so I’m pretty sure you’re Dad will really appreciate this very amusing mug.

The mug is top quality and made from temperature-resistant ceramic. It arrives packed in foam for safe and secure shipping. The mug is available on Amazon and also fulfilled by them, with one day delivery available if you’re signed up for Prime.

You're The Man, Dad Black Novelty Mug


The mug can also be bought in black, which appears to be the more popular choice. It’s a tad more expensive (no doubt, to cover the cost of all that black colouring), and also available on Amazon UK, although imported from their US store.

You can also buy a very similar You’re The Man Dad mug at for just £8.99, however the price does not include shipping.

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