Nope Not Today Sloth Mugs for Lazy People

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Sleeping Sloth Mug with Nope Not Today and Have A Nice Day messages

We all have days when we just can’t be bothered with anything, but for some people, this is every day! This “Nope, not today” mug is the perfect novelty gift for the sloth in your life (whether that’s yourself or someone else) and will certainly put a smile on the recipient’s face, if they have the energy to move their face muscles, that is!

Featuring a very cute, sleeping sloth, the mug will also provide much amusement for anyone who spots it, whether that is friends, family or work colleagues, and it will provide a great talking point, too.

The other side of the mug includes a “Have a nice day” message with a wide awake sloth, allowing whoever drinks from it to choose their mood for the day!

The mug would also make a nice gift for anyone who just loves sloths, of course, and there are plenty of those around – me included!

You may also like these alternative “Nope not today” and “I’d rather be sleeping” mugs, which can be personalised with anyone’s name. Once again, they both feature a very happy-looking sloth.

Personalised Nope Not Today Mug with SlothPersonalised Nope Not Today Mug with SlothI'd Rather Be Sleeping Sloth Mug for Lazy PersonI’d Rather Be Sleeping Sloth Mug for Lazy Person


So if you know a certain someone who’d rather be lazing around somewhere else, then why not send them one of these mugs and put a smile on their face!