Personalised Little Miss Neat Mug

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Fans of Little Miss Neat will really appreciate this high quality, white ceramic coffee mug, which can be personalised with the recipient’s name.

Maybe you know someone who is very much like the character, or you could also buy the mug as a funny, sarcastic gift for someone who is the complete opposite, and give them a big hint that they need to tidy up after themselves!

This mug would make a great birthday gift, maybe for your daughter, friend or work colleague, and it is highly rated by customers. A choice of other Little Miss and Mr. Men mugs can also be bought from the same supplier on Amazon.

Little Miss Neat originally featured in the third book in the Roger Hargreaves series. The green, oval character wears a bowler hat and round glasses, and she lives in Twopin cottage. Her worst nightmare is having Mr. Muddle visit her!

Did you know that the original TV series aired in 1983, in which she had a Welsh accent? You do now!

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