Mr Miserable Bastard Mug

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Mr Miserable Bastard Mug

Forget the official Mr Grumpy mug and opt for this hilarious unofficial Mr Miserable Bastard Mug instead, which may just put a smile on the recipient’s face, although it may make them even more miserable!

This very funny and very rude mug is 11oz (330ml) in size and the message with the unofficial Mr. Men character is printed on both sides, so it matters not whether the person drinking from the mug is left or right handed.

Everyone knows a misery guts, and now I am in my 50s I have become one of them! I mean, there’s just so bloody much to moan about these days, isn’t there?

So who do you know that is a thoroughly miserable git like myself? Maybe it’s a work colleague or your hubby? This would make a great birthday gift or even for Father’s Day, and the mug is fulfilled by Amazon in secure packaging.

You may also want to send them this Miserable Old Bastard T-shirt, too.