Up Yours Rude Gesture Surprise Mug

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White mug with surprise rude middle finger gesture inside.
Surprise Rude Gesture Mug

Well, who doesn’t love a surprise? Well, maybe not this one, because the person drinking from this mug will certainly get a surprise when the hidden middle finger “up yours!” gesture is slowly revealed!

If you love a rude joke and the laughs that go with it, then you most definitely need this cheeky mug! It will also make a fun gift for someone, too.

Why not use the mug to serve up a refreshing mug of tea to a work colleague, and wait for the bemused look on their face when the rude gesture is revealed – it will be priceless! However, just make sure it isn’t your boss who receives the mug or you may find yourself joining the queue at the job centre!

The mug would also be perfect for someone who is a coffee stealer, and you can let them know how you really feel about their thieving antics.

Of course, the mug is suitable for pranking just about anyone who you know would appreciate a rude awakening in the morning while consuming their caffeine fix, and you can do it without lifting a finger, because the mug will do all the work for you – genius!

Up Yours Middle Finger Mug


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