Resting Witch Face Mug and Wine Glass

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Two Black Mugs with Resting Witch Face Text

We all know someone with a resting bitch face, but a resting witch face takes it to a whole new level! These hilarious mugs will make a cheeky gift (ideal for Halloween!) for someone with a face like thunder. They’re ideal for holding a favourite beverage, tea, coffee, pumpkin soup or a witches brew, of course!

Resting Witch Face Mug with witchcraft graphics


Firstly, we have this attractive black and white mug with suitable witchcraft graphics. I really like the design with it’s stylish distressed font. It’s being sold by GB Eye on their Amazon store, and the British company is very reputable and well established.

Resting Bitch Face Matte Black Stemless Wine Glass


This next one has a cauldron look to it with its matte black finish, and it’s actually a stemless wine glass, not a mug, so I wouldn’t recommened pouring a hot beverage into it. However, it’s very well made by Spirit of Equinox, who have a fantastic Amazon storefront full of similar witch themed gifts.

The design actually matches well with the Witches Brew mug featured on this site.

White Resting Bitch Face Mug with Moon Crescent and Pentagram


You may also like this white Resting Bitch Face mug which features a large crescent moon and pagan style pentagram. It’s actually hadmade in England and very nicely priced, too.

Resting Witch Face Mug with Flying Witch on Broomstick Graphic


If you like a clean and modern design, then this mug features a nice, modern font with a classic witch on a broomstick graphic. It comes in an attractive gift box, too.

I Suffer From Resting Bitch Face Tall Latte Mug


If your or the recipient prefers a nice tall mug, then this one is definitely tall! It’s a large size 17oz latte mug being sold exclusively by Gift Base, a trustworthy British company based in Middlesex, and can be bought through their Amazon storefront.

I Suffer From resting Bitch Face 11oz Coffee Mug


The same design is also available on this standard 11oz coffee mug.

Well, I hope you have found this post useful. Have a very happy Halloween!