Best choice of funny and rude mugs for your husband or boyfriend.

Mr Muscle Mugs

Mr Muscle Mug
“Sun’s out, guns out”, so the saying goes, and if you know a certain someone who is always flexing their…

Mr Messy Mugs

Officially Licensed Mr Messy Mug
We all have a Mr. Messy in our lives, whether it’s a husband or boyfriend, or maybe your son, or…

Mr Bald Bastard Mug

Rude mug for bald people
He we have another hilarious, unofficial Mr. Men character (complete with shiny head and polishing cloth!) that certainly wasn’t in…

Mr Grumpy Mugs

Funny mug for grumpy git
If you know someone who could give Victor Meldrew a good run for his money, then why not cheer them…